From our Spring Garden - a scented Magnolia

From our Spring Garden - a scented Magnolia

As we move into Spring up here on our Mountain in Olinda Victoria, I am finding daily inspiration for my latest groupings of still life paintings.

Our cold climate garden has an Edna Walling (landscaper 1930's) design with Silver Birches, large trees and colourful azaleas, camellias and Rhododendrons. As each shrub, bulb and flowers unfold I have been painting their glorious diversity as quickly as I can!

My biggest joy this spring though has been our White scented Magnolia tree. This year the floral cups have been MAGNIFICENT to the point where I had to bring a small flowered branch inside to create a still life of its beauty.

This painting (pictured) presents a homage of this budding Magnolia. I have kept the background simple and chosen a round clear vase to catch the afternoon shadows and reflections.....

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